Stepping Stones to the Stars 1

Stepping Stones to the Stars 1

In 2015 we hosted our very first ‘Stepping Stones to the Stars’ showcase, giving our members to perform in front of an audience at ‘The Met’ theatre  Bury. Looking forward to an incredible night, our members did not disappoint! What an evening, delighting the audience with exceptional talent.

The day started early, technician and stage manager rearing to go, rehearsals under way, with a none stop supply of tea and coffee, a buffet lunch and buffet evening meal, all supplied and prepared by our small band of hard working ‘solders’ in their bright yellow polo shirts.

Rehearsals ended, dishes washed, stage set, audience ready, lights out, 7.30pm ready to go.

The evening began with Carly Ryan performing ‘Let’s Get The Party Started’, which really set the tone.

Our MC for the night, the talented stage, film and TV actor Robert Maxfield took to the stage, he guided the audience expertly throughout the show, with warmth, charm and wit.

The superb Grant Haddow, his beautiful voice raising the hairs on the back of our necks, with a mixture of both operatic and contemporary.

Tickinthebox, a great combination of guitar and vocals with bass player James enjoying every minute, accompanying singer/songwriter Bob.

London based Chris Afrix, what a talent with singing and guitar playing, showcasing his talent as a song writer. A wonderful performance!!

What a trouper Chris, as he later supported Carly with an acoustic version of ‘Mercy’, unrehearsed and brilliant.

Our MC Robert propelled us into the second half with a memorable version of the classic “Ain’t that a kick in the head”


‘The Community Media Crew’ followed a joy to watch, engaging us all with their enthusiasm, humour and drama.

A J Valliant, slick, sharp and smart what a performer, entertaining us with his singing and extensive vocal range.

Carly Ryan wowed us with her voice and stage presence, what a star

A J joined Carly, they did a super rendition of ‘Summer Nights’ from ‘Grease’ which delighted and engaged the audience.

The finale with Carly and Grant performing ‘Happy’ as the performers took their bows and joined in.

It would not have been possible without our tremendous stage manager, Maria McPartland, a supreme professional whose hard work and expertise, working from 9am non-stop without a break, working closely with the Z Arts technician Lawrence, creating a smooth and following show.

Who needs the X Factor, we had it all.

In 2017 we hosted our second ‘Stepping Stones to the Stars‘ showcase and once again, audiences were not disappointed! 

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Our most recent Showcase was in 2019 and once again a huge success.

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