Stepping Stones 2 Friendship Christmas social

Stepping Stones 2 Friendship Christmas social

We held our second Stepping Stones 2 Friendship Christmas Social yesterday, at The Phoenix Centre, Prestwich, which was a great event.

Christmas is a time when too many people are isolated and alone, but it doesn’t have to be that way! We took part in the Great Christmas Get Together which aims to build closer communities by encouraging people to share a ‘mince pie moment’ with each other and celebrate all that they have in common.

There were lots of singing, sharing stories and some fantastic food including party food and pizza and, most importantly, good company. Everyone enjoyed themselves and got into the Christmas spirit. 🙂

Many thanks to Forever Manchester’s ‘Great Christmas Get Together’ which helped fund the afternoon.

We’d also like to thank Forever Manchester for providing the funding for our specialised Autism counselling service, which has made a massive difference to our members’ lives, helping reduce anxiety and providing a listening ear in times of need.

If you’re autistic and feel that you might benefit from our counselling service, please contact us.

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