Radio Show Training with All FM 96.9

We had such a fun day with ALL FM 96.9 in Levenshulme on their radio show training. Thanks to Jason & Callum for the excellent training.

Learning the basics of radio show production

ALL FM 96.9 community radio

All FM 96.9 Community Radio

Firstly, we were walked through how the studio’s equipment worked and was given the task of writing a script; we then did a practice run writing a brief intro, in-between two songs. This provided inspiration for future segments of our upcoming show with ALL FM.

In the afternoon, we explored interviewing, going into pairs and finally writing a script to interview each other. We then recorded the interview and listened back to them all as a group, while Callum gave his observations. Despite some nerves, we performed better than we thought!

Thinking about our radio show structure

Finally, we explored what we wanted from our show and which segments we’d like to include. Homework time – eek! Not as bad as it sounds, we had to choose and prepare one section of the show, with the aim of recording it next week.

It was a fantastic opportunity for everyone, building confidence and banishing any nerves we might have had. Can’t wait for next week!

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