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Golf Fundraising Day makes £1200

Thank you to Mal Smith, Tommy Mustard, Paul Smith and all the sponsors and players, and the Lee Park Golf Club, for taking part in the 2 golf fund raising days, today and one in May.

They raised over £1,200, which helped us pay for the years fees for our Stepping Stones Across The Airwaves radio show.

Thank you for your generosity.

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We Are a Winner with Aviva

Great news, we are a winner with Aviva, Awarded £1000, to help support our Walden hub.

Thank you to all who voted and supported us in our bid.

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The Ainsdale Show

Another successful day at the Ainsdale Show, this is our second year, raising funds and spreading awareness.

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Bag Packing Day in Morrisons, Ormskirk

Carly working hard collecting at our bag packing day in Morrisons, Ormskirk, thank you to the bag packers, Morrisons and their staff, with a big thank you to all the kind customers.

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The Bury Lions Carnival

Cold day at The Bury Lions Carnival today!!

Thanks to everyone who supported us and thanks to Sarah for coming along and helping.

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