Welcome to 'Stepping Stones Across the Spectrum'.

Stepping Stones Across the Spectrum is an organisation formed with the aim of raising the levesls of awareness and support for adults on the Autistic Spectrum.

Pictured: Vinny (Left) and son Craig (right) attending Craig's University Graduation.

Community Fund

If you have a co-op membership, then all you need to do is register online and choose us as your local cause. Then whenever you make a purchase, we will receive 1% of that total amount.
If you haven’t got a Co-op membership, you can either sign-up in-store or online. To sign up as a Co-op member, there is a £1 upfront cost. Registration is quick and easy and you’ll be making such a huge difference.

On July 2020 we are hoping to host a five a side football tournament along with a funday. at playfootball, Bury. However, this may not be possible due to the current situation. However, for any updates please see our web page by clicking

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